FROM CHAOS is 311's 6th studio album, in stores June 19th. The CD will also feature exclusive interview footage, videos, photos and trailers for ETSD 1 and ETSD 2.
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Soundsystem goes back to the rock sound of "the blue album", flavored with the trippy beats and melodic grooves of Transistor. It's an integration of styles that creates a solid album - definitely look forward to hearing it live.
Favorites tracks: Come Original, Flowing
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LIVE (98)
The live album is a recording of the 9/97 New Orleans and 10/97 Santa Barbara shows. After listening to countless bootlegs, it's great to have a clear recording of a live show. My only complaint... if you're going to release a live album, why only 14 tracks... WHY?
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311 released Omaha Sessions in response to the rising interest of their earlier recordings. T
he album also swayed bootleggers from charging high prices for their independent releases.
Favorites tracks: Today My Love, SoulSucker
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Containing 21 tracks, Transistor is 311's most ambitious and most experimental album to date. From the hard sounding "What Was I Thinking" to the smooth "Stealing Happy Hours", this album provides a new spin on the 311 sound.
Favorites tracks: Beautiful Disaster, Use of Time, What Was I Thinking
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The Enlarged to Show Detail video included a bonus EP CD with 4 solid tracks; "Tribute", the instrumental "Let the Cards Fall", the disco-styled funk anthem "Gap", and the sloooooow-mo "Firewater".
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311 "the blue album" (95)
The self-titled album, also referred to "the blue album", brought 311 mainstream success with hit singles "Down" and "All Mixed Up".
Favorites tracks: All Mixed Up, Don't Stay Home
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Grassroots seemed to share the same music style as their debut album... that is until you reach track #4, a beatnik groove called "8:16AM". This was the album that made me realize the versatility of the band.
Favorites tracks: Homebrew, 8:16am, 123
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MUSIC (93)
Music marks 311's debut, and to this day contains the best songs for live shows. The tracks were previously released on their 3 indie albums, but with a refined sound and tighter lyrics.
Favorites tracks: Freak Out, Visit, My Stoney Baby, Do You Right, Fuck the Bullshit
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These albums were only available in 311's hometown of Omaha Nebraska. The band later released a "best of" collection called Omaha Sessions.


Hempilation: Freedom is NORML (95) - Who's Got The Herb
National Lampoon's Senior Trip Soundtrack (95) - Outside
Launch Issue No. 9 CDROM (95) - Interactive interview plus Do You Right live video
Live From 6A : Late Night With Conan O'Brien - Down
Nowhere Soundtrack (97) - Freak Out
MTV Buzz Bin Vol. 2 (97) - Down
Music For Our Mother Ocean Vol. 2 (97) - Hydroponic
X Games: Vol. 3 (98) - All Mixed Up
Burning London Clash Tribute (99) - White Man In Hammersmith Palais


The Urge, Master's of Styles - track "Jump Right In" features Nick Hexum
Battlestations - Nick DJ's on this album